Sakura-Con 2014: Aniplex Industry Panel

Aniplex of America's E.J. Rivera hosted the Aniplex panel on the Friday of Sakura-Con. He started with playing a sizzle reel of Aniplex titles before making the audience pose like Kill La Kill's Mako, while filming a brief video, then finally announcing some of the special guests in attendance, including the staff from Sword Art Online. Tomohiko Ito and Shingo Adachi and Magi's Koji Masunari and Toshifumi Akai.

Sakura-Con 2014: Magi Press Interview

At Sakura-Con 2014, Japan-A-Radio was granted a press interview with some of the creative staff behind the Magi TV anime series, including Director Koji Masunari, Character Designer Toshifumi Akai, and Aniplex Producer Shunsuke Saito.

 photo Masunari-akai.jpg

Security Warnings Regarding Heartbleed

I'm sure you've received e-mails, or heard about the Heartbleed bug by now that has affected many sites worldwide. We want you to know where we stand on this issue and what we recommend you do as soon as possible.. after the break.

More Move News (WTF Show)!

Hi everyone! Michael Garcia here with the latest information on what's happening with the WTF Show and beyond! As many of you are already aware, Japan-A-Radio will be moving studios this month, which will affect not only our schedule, but also our ability to deliver new episodes to you for a short while. WTF Show will be holding off on new episodes for a couple more weeks until JAR stabilizes in its new digs, which will likely be the week of December 16th.

Japan-A-Radio is moving!

Japan-A-Radio is moving! More information after the break!

Shon takes part in Extra Life 2013!

You know him as the hardworking guy who keeps bringing you Japan-A-Radio 24 hours a day... but did you know that Shon also likes to help KIDS? You can help him out by reading the following message! Thanks!

Japan-A-Radio Studio Upgrades - Phase 1

Japan-A-Radio is making serious upgrades to it's studio systems. The changes will allow us to be more flexible with our content, add newer items and get them to air more quickly, better internal management, and offer the possibility for more show content. More information about this is detailed after the break.

Streaming Changes @ Japan-A-Radio

Hello, everyone. For almost the last 11.98 years, Japan-A-Radio has supported a variety of bit rates and formats for our listeners. On a re-evaluation of our services for performance and cost savings, we have decided to make some changes to the formats we deliver. Full details after the break.

Sakuracon 2013 - Reki Kawahara Press Conference

Sword Art Online and Accel World author Reki Kawahara spoke to assembled press during Sakuracon 2013. Many of the questions dealt with story arcs in both respective novel series that currently aren't covered in the corresponding anime, and as such there are a fair amount of spoilers contained within the interview.

You've all been warned.


Sakuracon 2013 - Luna Haruna and Eir Aoi Press Conference

Luna Haruna and Eir Aoi spoke to assembled members of the press at Sakuracon 2013, many of whom happily snapped away with their cameras as the two singers answered questions.


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