Japan-A-Radio to discontinue legacy SHOUTcast streams

Japan-A-Radio will be discontinuing our old SHOUTcast streams. More information on what is happening is after the break.

Japan-A-Radio and a lot of other stations were de-listed from SHOUTcast.com back in September as Radionomy decided to no longer support YP entries from older SHOUTcast versions. This has caused a lot of problems for us because a lot of services aggregated to the SHOUTcast tune in links provided by the YP Directory. To that end, Japan-A-Radio will be discontinuing the outdated SHOUTcast streams due in part to Radionomy's lack of support and updates for those of us who have been stuck with an older version of SHOUTcast due to incompatibilities with the newer version of SHOUTcast. Japan-A-Radio will be migrating completely over to Icecast. Icecast is not new for us as we've been using it for over 10 years.

Most of you that are listening are probably using the Icecast server if you're tuning in from the website, or if you are a subscriber. If you are coming from another service that is using the the SHOUTcast servers, you will need to let us know which service that is by either reaching out via email, twitter DM, or Facebook Message. The SHOUTcast streams will be terminated on 12/22/17 at 0:00 PST.(GMT-8) Please make sure you adjust your links accordingly ahead of time so you don't miss out on the new episodes of the Weekend Blastoff, WTF Show, and all your favorite music.

Japan-A-Radio is available on TuneIn, Aha Radio, AudioRealm, and the IceCast YP Directory. If you think we should be on any other aggregator, please let us know which one you use and we'll try to work with them to update our information.

Thanks for your attention and your patience as we look to move away from this old legacy code and move forward into 2018 with a new outlook on our streaming services. Other changes will be coming soon, too. We want to hear from you, so please make sure you reach out to us either by e-mail to feedback at japanaradio dot com or via twitter @japanaradio, or Facebook Message.