Q: Why does a FAQ exist?
A: Due to the overwhelming repetition of simply answered questions, this FAQ was created to help listeners get quick answers to their questions.

Q: What do you need to be able to listen to Japan-A-Radio?
A: Winamp 5.0 works fine for most users. If you are an advanced user, you may use XMMS, Sonique, X-Audio, RealOne, or Windows Media Player v9 if you know how to configure them for streaming MP3 playback.

Q: Where is Japan-A-Radio based out of?
A: The main studio is located in Denver, Colorado in the United States, though the shoutcast servers are located in various places around the country on both the east coast and west coast. Japan-A-Radio was born in Fresno, California.

Q: Where does Japan-A-Radio get all this great music?
A: We get all of our music from online retail stores like CD Japan as well as other radio industry insiders which we have agreements with.

Q: Why do you interrupt the music with a message saying "Japan-A-Radio, worldwide"?
A: We don't interrupt our streams with this message. This is handled automatically by the servers instead of sending silence, or kicking people off, when the studios have lost connections to the main servers. This is usually temporary and will reconnect you automatically to the live stream when it becomes available again. If you stop your player during this time, however, you will not be able to connect back until the studio rejoins.

Q: Why don't you have the song I requested during the Live Request hours?
A: Our song database is growing at a high pace. When you request a song we don't have, it gets logged and will hopefully be added to the database soon.

Q: How come you play so much music from *insert anime series here*?
A: Japan-A-Radio does not process music by series. We process music by group, singer, or composer. It is very possible that there may be several songs that may be from the same series. As our database grows, this will start to work itself out. Please be patient. We're still growing.

Q: Why don't you play some *insert genre here*?
A: Japan-A-Radio has a limited budget. If you would like us to play *insert genre here* (as long as it is from Japan and Japanese Music related, you can donate CDs. CDs must be original Japanese CDs Imported from Japan. We WILL NOT use any bootleg CD. Do NOT send CDRs, or Copies of Original CDs on CDRs. Do not ask to send MP3s, or any other form of digital media other than original Japanese CDs. As our database grows, new stuff will be added. Please be patient. We're still growing.

Q: Do you have a list of songs Japan-A-Radio has to play?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I get a copy of the above list?
A: No. Unlike other webcasts, we are not a rotating jukebox. We are a full service radio station. Our lists are closed to the public.

Q: What is JParty?
A: Tune in and find out!

Q: Do you have any music from video games?
A: Yes. At this time, we only have scheduled Japanese Pop music and songs from Anime series' and movies. We are planning to include music from Japanese games in the future.

Q: Can I upload MPEG layer-3 (mp3) files to you to be added to your database?
A: No. For legality reasons, we cannot accept mp3 files.

Q: I just heard the best song on Japan-A-Radio, can you send it to me?
A: No. For the same legality reasons, we cannot do this.

Q: Why is Sasami so kawaii?
A: Duh????

Q: How can I participate in the Live Request hours?
A: You can either go here for information to join the chatroom to request a song personally, or you can send an email to requests at japanaradio.com

Q: I have joined the chatroom. Who do I send my request to?
A: The person taking requests will have the nickname jarstudio. Just shout out your request (in the proper format listed to you when you joined the chatroom or listed in the answer after this question) to the chatroom and if it is in our database, he will be more than happy to play it for you. Please do not send him private messages as he cannot read them (he's a busy man).

Q: I only know what anime series the song I want to request is from. Can I use this as a request?
A: No. Please use the format request: Artist - Song Title for your requests. Our database does not keep record of what series each anime song is from. Sorry.

Q: Will you accept ideas for the station?
A: Yes. Suggestions are always taken into consideration. Without the users' input, we would not be where we are today.

Q: Do you guys pay royalties to artists?
A: Short Answer: YES. It's REQUIRED for any webcast to pay royalties for ANY copyrighted material that it uses. Japan-A-Radio pays royalties based on it's contracts with licensing organizations. If you are broadcasting, or thinking of broadcasting, DO THIS FIRST - BEFORE YOU BROADCAST.

Q: Even though my question is in this FAQ, can I ask it again?
A: Sure. I'll just be over here listening to someone else... ;)