More Move News (WTF Show)!

Hi everyone! Michael Garcia here with the latest information on what's happening with the WTF Show and beyond! As many of you are already aware, Japan-A-Radio will be moving studios this month, which will affect not only our schedule, but also our ability to deliver new episodes to you for a short while. WTF Show will be holding off on new episodes for a couple more weeks until JAR stabilizes in its new digs, which will likely be the week of December 16th.

Furthermore, by then we hope to be bringing you LIVE episodes of the WTF Show (which many of you have been begging for)! Live episodes means we can restart our contests, call-ins, and other features that the recorded show doesn't really afford. What JAR really needs is your support, so if you haven't already become a subscriber, there's no time like the present! Treat yourself to a $5 a month Bronze account which opens up the high-quality streams for your ears, and get those new live episodes of the WTF Show and new episodes of the Weekend Blastoff!

Move that mouse to the left, and click on Subscribe to JAR right now!

We'll keep you updated on news as it happens! Thank you for all your support and we look forward to improving our content for our loyal listeners!