Japan-A-Radio Studio Upgrades - Phase 1

Japan-A-Radio is making serious upgrades to it's studio systems. The changes will allow us to be more flexible with our content, add newer items and get them to air more quickly, better internal management, and offer the possibility for more show content. More information about this is detailed after the break.

We've ran our current studio systems for a number of years, and it's finally time to upgrade. It's been a long time coming and we've finally been able to get enough funds together for the upgrade. Phase 1 is our studio software systems upgrade. This will provide us with the means of adding new music and other content and get it to air much faster than our previous setup. Japan-A-Radio is a small operation and this is both a cost cutting measure as well as benefit to the station. It's cost us some money, and specifically, owner capital, to get the items we need for both Phase 1 and the new Phase 2. Phase 2 is a complete audio equipment replacement. Phase 2 is scheduled to start once we can get enough funding after Phase 1 has been completed and will be announced separately.

Phase 1 will be completed if no delays by October 5th, 2013.
Things you should know about Phase 1 in case you are listening: October 2nd - 5th you will notice an increasing amount of silence on Japan-A-Radio's main streams as we bring the new system on to test and main programming may be interrupted, so the scheduled show clock may or may not be accurate during this time. Since we don't have the option of testing this any other way without additional expenses, this makes the best sense. Title Streaming may not match or may differ from our current system. We have already made changes to make sure Title Streaming is more stable with our current system, and that will continue through the change to our new system.

Thanks for your support from everyone here at Japan-A-Radio!