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Q: Why Subscribe to Japan-A-Radio?
A: Subscribing helps to keep Japan-A-Radio operating.

Q: Where can I contact support?
A: You can contact us 24/7 by e-mail. our e-mail address is support at japanaradio dot com. We do not include a direct link to our e-mail support due to SPAM abuse. Once we receive your e-mail, you can expect a response to your issue within 24-48 hours. We usually try to answer or fix any support issues right away, but the time given above is a buffer and is used as a guide.

Q: What are the benefits of subscribing?
A: Currently, you will have immediate access to our subscribers only audio server. This means you will be guaranteed a slot on our private subscribers only server where you will never have trouble tuning in to Japan-A-Radio due to peak listening hours. A slot is automatically reserved for you when you subscribe.

In the near future, subscribers will have access to advanced options not available to non-subscribers. Also, certain plans will have access to certain areas of Japan-A-Radio that other plans may not have access to. Please be patient, we are still working on the subscription and members only system.

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Restrictions of use:

Use of subscription services is for private listening only. Without written consent, any public performances of any of the subscription services is prohibited. Any public relaying, re-transmission, or re-broadcasting of the subscription services in whole or part is prohibited. Click on the bottom of the page for a full list of terms of use, disclaimers, and privacy information.

You may only connect to one service at a time. Example, if you sign up for Silver, you can only listen to one of either the MP3 or the AAC+ at a time. Our system is protected against people handing out their usernames and passwords to their friends. If you share your account details, you could find your account automatically locked out. No refunds are given for locked out accounts. You need to contact us via e-mail if your account is locked out if you wish to regain access.

There are no refunds given for any subscription service unless it is due to a fraudulent transaction. If you sign up, it is for a certain period of time as indicated on the plan you choose. Your account will continue to be auto-renewed after your specified period of time, unless you cancel. There is no pro-rated charges. If you sign up on the 12th of the month, you can expect the next renewal will also be on the 12th of the next month.

If you wish to cancel before the time is up, you may do so, but that will not immediately terminate
your account. Your account will continue to work through the current billing cycle, and at the end of the current billing cycle will lapse in to an expired mode and services will no longer be accessible. You may decide in the future (if we have not purged inactive accounts) to login to your account and re-add a new subscription at a later time.

This site is fully SSL and PCI compliant. Protecting your data is important to us. Your transaction is encrypted by the same level of encryption as the banks require by regulation.

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A breakdown of current services (as of 2/22/14):

Note: There is no differences to what you receive in the levels of subscription at this time. It's all about how much you want to help out Japan-A-Radio. The larger the plan that you choose, the greater the help you send to us to help pay for the costs of Japan-A-Radio. Japan-A-Radio is NOT ran by some big corporate company. We've had to make serious cuts to what we can offer due to the costs of running Japan-A-Radio.

Subscription Plan Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Titanium Free
Time Limit None None None None None None
48K AACPlus Audio Dedicated Slot Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes None
192K MP3 Audio Dedicated Slot Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes None
Helping to Keep Japan-A-Radio Running Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No :(

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