Japan-A-Radio; Japan's best music mix!

Japan-A-Radio has officially ceased operations. Thank you for listening.

We leave you with these items for you to enjoy:

The Official Japan-A-Radio Discord Server
The Official Unwound Website

Community recreation of the farewell show's playlist along with inspired extras

djmasa's personal and curated Spotify playlists (updated all the time):

djmasa's Japanese CityPop/Retro Playlist (Japanese Classics)

djmasa's Japanese Disney (Japanese Disney Music)
djmasa's Evolution (EDM Trance & More)
djmasa's SubEvolution (EDM Trance & More Alternate Music Style)
djmasa's Classic HSSI Playlist (Classic Rock & Pop (Heavy Singer Songwriter Influenced)
DreamTime (New Age/Chill/Epheremental)

Coming Soon (as time permits):

Japan-A-Radio Playlists:
Anime Show
JPOP Flashback Show
JRock Show
Japanese Gaming

Other stuff:

djmasa's Twitch Stream (when available)

If you ever want to contact me, use the discord server above. It will remain for as long as possible.

An alternative to Japan-A-Radio: J1 Radio.